Two months of service - on us!

We are proud of what we do and the way we do it. We think we can help small businesses to focus on their core targets and not worry about IT problems anymore. We hope you share our confidence. And if you do, here's a little something for you.

Smart Vision Solutions ltd. is proud to offer one month of free service to any of its partners participating in our affiliate program. Refer us and our services to a company that you think could benefit from what we do. Tell them if you are satisfied with our level of experience and the quality of service that you get every month. Get something back for your hard work! In return for your services, we are happy to offer one month on us. You will receive the same excellent service that you always get, and we won't charge you a penny - our way of saying: thanks!

And that's not all. Have our new partner mention you when signing up for a monthly contract, and after giving you a free month's of service, we'll double that if the new customer is still with us after six months. That's right. We believe in long-term contracts based on stability, trust and productivity. And we believe in hard work as well. Your hard work is just as important as ours. As soon as the new customer's monthly service contract reaches its sixth month, we'll give you a second month's free service!

Terms and Conditions apply. Offer valid for all existing partners, once for every new customer introduced. Monthly service contracts only. Existing partner is entitled to one month of free service (100% discount from monthly service fee) as covered in the existing monthly service contract. Offer has no cash value. Second free month (100% discount from monthly service fee) when referred new business monthly service contract reaches its sixth month for the first time. No additional discounts afterwards.