Free meetups for networking and learning

With the introduction of free online webinars, from time to time we also perform free offline courses as well. An offline course is exactly the same as an online webinar, except it's done with you, in front of you (subject to available infrastructue). Come and join hundreds of like-minded individuals and listen to a free teaching session about IT security, VoIP solutions or computer networking. Be one of the hundreds present at an unmissable event, and follow, challenge, ask and observe as much as you can. Secure your free place now to ensure your career stays on track.

All of our local events are free to attend and no pre-registration is required. Just turn up and enjoy the free session. Seating is subject to limits and is available on a first come - first served basis.

UPDATE: Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, all of our free meetups have been limited in number of participants. You are required to wear face masks. Where indoor meetings aren't allowed or social distancing is not an option, we'll move to an outside area, where possible.