Introducing online courses

We have been performing offline courses for many years to our clients and we've been fortunate enough to build up solid experience in tutoring. We think it's now time to bring our knowledge and experience online and available for everyone. We are introducing online courses regarding networking, linux, security and voice over ip. We are happy to announce that we will be providing some of the online courses for free to anyone.

Our courses have always been built from the very basics, to provide a solid foundation of understanding. From there we have explored various topics to help system administrators in their tasks. Sharing this experience has always been fun and exciting for us, because in an offline environment there is nothing but live presentation. We are looking to bring this experience for online viewers, and furter to this, we are looking to involve everyone. That's right - everyone.

Some of our courses are 100% theory courses. During these we discuss the theory behind networking principles, discuss protocols, understand the reson for their existence. Other courses are more hands-on with actual or simulated devices, executing configurations and observing the results right there and then.

We are very excited to bring all of this to a wider group of people. We are confident that having held these courses to our clients, the experience and knowledge we have built up over the years will be beneficial to all of our viewers!