Isolation without firewalling - private vlans

This is a very exciting topic. I recently observed a conversation where sysadmins talked about network problems. Well, go figure :) But anyway, instead of joining, I just listened and as the conversation progressed, I was more and more confident that I had my next article to write about. It seemed that these folks had a serious problem understanding the concept of vlans. I don't really see why, as there is another post about vlans right here, how come they never read it?

Introducing online courses

We have been performing offline courses for many years to our clients and we've been fortunate enough to build up solid experience in tutoring. We think it's now time to bring our knowledge and experience online and available for everyone. We are introducing online courses regarding networking, linux, security and voice over ip. We are happy to announce that we will be providing some of the online courses for free to anyone.

Using an encrypted hard drive

These days security is an important question. Everyone tries to keep stuff as a secret. In this article, I'm focusing on a home solution to keep private things secure. Of course, one may ask: is this really important? This is one point that might worth arguing about. No need to think military grade secrets, but I'm sure there most of us have stuff that should be encrypted. Bank statements, credit card details, passwords, reminders, payslips - or even home videos.

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