ip telephony

Introducing online courses

We have been performing offline courses for many years to our clients and we've been fortunate enough to build up solid experience in tutoring. We think it's now time to bring our knowledge and experience online and available for everyone. We are introducing online courses regarding networking, linux, security and voice over ip. We are happy to announce that we will be providing some of the online courses for free to anyone.

Converting Cisco 79x1 phones from SCCP to SIP

Most of our clients by now know what IP telephony is and we have quite a few success stories as well. As with all new things being introduced to a microbusiness, they want it cheap. It doesn't matter what the cost is, they want it cheaper. And there's nothing wrong with this, I want to buy cheaper stuff as well. However, when it comes to quality (and telephony is something where quality does matter) prices can go up high easy. One of the most important part is the end device, the ip phone itself. Its quality determines how end users will adapt to the system.

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