A layer 3 network device that is capable of transferring IP packets

Using 3G in a cisco router

A very exciting project, that we have been working on for quite some years now, is to provide connectivity to a cisco router using wireless wan technique. Wireless wan is a term used for using wi-fi as a wan service, but more commonly using cellular services as a wan solution. As you can remember (or if you can't, you still can scroll the menu on the left hand side) there has been an article about using 4G services as a backup solution. Let me assure you right away: this is a completely different solution.

Cisco router with an empty flash

Most people just order stuff from Cisco, opens the box, installs the fresh & new kit into the rack, poweres on and watches the IOS to load. But what if there is no IOS, just a blank flash memory? This could happen if things have gone bad (someone erased something), or you just ordered a new, empty flash and powered down the router. Where to go from here? Afraid no more, lone netwok warrior, here is the solution.

802.1q - supporting VLANs

The Raspberry Pi supports Virtual Local Area Networks, also known as VLANs. Not to confuse VLAN with WLAN, which stands for Wireless LAN, the VLAN is having separate logical networks over one physical wiring. It's quite exciting actually, because using VLANs, the Raspberry Pi is capable of being a router-on-a-stick. Let me dig deeper into this by explaining the terms, and the need for VLANs.

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