Virtual LAN, also known as 802.1q

Isolation without firewalling - private vlans

This is a very exciting topic. I recently observed a conversation where sysadmins talked about network problems. Well, go figure :) But anyway, instead of joining, I just listened and as the conversation progressed, I was more and more confident that I had my next article to write about. It seemed that these folks had a serious problem understanding the concept of vlans. I don't really see why, as there is another post about vlans right here, how come they never read it?

802.1q - supporting VLANs

The Raspberry Pi supports Virtual Local Area Networks, also known as VLANs. Not to confuse VLAN with WLAN, which stands for Wireless LAN, the VLAN is having separate logical networks over one physical wiring. It's quite exciting actually, because using VLANs, the Raspberry Pi is capable of being a router-on-a-stick. Let me dig deeper into this by explaining the terms, and the need for VLANs.

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